Our Story


Our small independent family distillery has just opened on our farm at Cinnamon Grove which is situated on the outskirts of Haverfordwest, which makes us proud to be the first ever gin distillery in Pembrokeshire. The wonderful country side surrounding our distillery gave us the inspiration for us to create a gin to compliment our beautiful county of Pembrokeshire which we are proud to promote through our gin.

Our gin journey began in 2016 with the exciting task of experimenting with different botanicals and combining them with our fresh pure well water. After many months of tasting we finally crafted our distinctive flavoured gin. Our well water gives our gin a very unique taste, and is the first gin to be produced this way in Wales.


Our copper column still which we have named "Ruby" was made in America where there is plenty of knowledge of spirit distilling. We are a family unit proud to be able to use ruby to distill our flavoursome gin. We hand bottle and label our gin to give us the hand crafted product unique to Pembrokeshire.


We approached a local  printer to design and print our label. We felt that grey was the perfect colour for a traditional drink being given a modern twist. We then decided to use a nocturne style bottle which we think gave our gin the classy style we were trying to achieve. We coupled it with the grey label and black cork which gave us the modern and classic combination we were looking for. We seal our bottles with biodegradable capsules.


We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our story, and we are sure that you will enjoy drinking our gin as much as we did crafting it.




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